Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Post, an introduction

First things first, i never wanted to start a blog, the idea of going along with the flow of regular society has never appealed to me.  The idea came from my sister, who has a blog on all things fashion, make-up, and everything else i have absolutely no clue about, thats her thing, this is mine, the world of the outdoors.

I've been climbing since 2008, thanks to my good friend Kevin, who currently resides in Australia, climbing and surfing his year there away, it was because of him, and my other good friend Rich, that i am the way i am today.  My thought process, and a large amount of my income since, have gone toward my outdoor pursuits ever since. 

I focus mostly on traditional climbing, with as much multi-pitch as possible.  I actually recently got a job working at Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center, as a guide on the Via Ferrata, a self belayed climbing adventure for those with little or no formal climbing experience.  This is where the idea of this blog came into play.

I am in no way a professional climber, im not sponsored by anyone, and scour the internet's various forums and online retailers for deals on gear, clothing.  I've been called a gear whore more than once, and one look at my closet full of climbing and ski gear, as well as technical clothing, proves that fact.

Im not loyal to any single company, though i do have my preferences, i choose my gear and clothing based on research and reviews for the most part, and usually end up writing reviews for the gear i've used.  Its a circle that we can all benefit from, so i figured since i can't gain any more Moosejaw points from writing reviews, i'll share them through here.

So that's whats up so far, as i sit here writing this up, im looking around my room, seeing all the gear i'll be using, and beating the crap out of, then writing reviews for, im looking forward to the future of this little blog.